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Fine Arts & Handmade Creations

Claudia Suggs


As a child I lived in Mexico City, a colorful place with a culture that is vivid, loud and spicy; from the traditions and fabrics, to the food and music. I grew up marveling at the works of the contemporary muralists Rivera, Siqueiros, and Orozco. So I learned that art, in its many forms, is a language.

In 1998, I was able to fulfill my long-time dream of becoming a muralist. For over a decade I painted walls, ceilings, furniture...you name it. Now, after becoming a mother of two, I've downscaled. I still love taking every opportunity to paint and create by finding my creative outlet in smaller ventures—from canvasses to jewelry and sculptures. To me, it's the best way of expressing my thoughts and emotions.

In Les Filles I've found a place to share my creations with others.

P.S. I also love to help others bring to life their artistic vision; from 'Wedding trees", custom jewelry, and calligraphy, to my own style of Pop-Surrealist portraits (check my self portrait in the images below ;-P)

Ask Claudia about your custom art idea

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